Harsh Hydraulic Truck Hoists

Proven: The World Leader for Stability

Significant to Harsh is the difference between chassis and body tilt. In the most extreme test conditions ever produced, the Harsh hoist locked the body squarely to the chassis, resisting all side loads, with NO product damage at all, proving Harsh to be the world leader.
World record: Ground tilt: 12 degrees / Chassis tilt: 18.5 degrees / Body tilt: 19 degrees

New & Improved

Harsh's New Generation Cylinders are now equipped with the latest in technology, offering:

What makes the Harsh hoist your first choice?

Harsh Testing & Quality Control


Each Harsh design goes through rigorous “JAWS” testing to ensure quality, stability, and reliability. A 20,000-cycle test, including 1/3 of the test simulating overturn situations is the benchmark to be passed by each model.

The same Harsh Hoist was granted the CE Certificate of Conformity in the United Kingdom. This means that the Harsh hoist has been certified as the industry’s safest machine for tipping vehicles possible.

Harsh International has been a proud member of NTEA since 1993. Our Rigid Lift hoist models are logically names after their respective NTEA dump body hoist classes.  

Harsh Hoist Rigid Lift Models

Hoist Accessories

Harsh Hoist Sub-frame
Harsh also produces and markets a hoist sub-frame tailored to support models RL-B10 through RL-D40. These sub-frames are constructed to meet our rigorous standards of durability.

Click here to download a diagram of our sub-frame.

Want to learn more? Ask us about the Harsh Hoist Sub-frame (Part # A19069) at (970) 454-2291.
Harsh Hoist Double Electric Pump
The Double Electric Pump complements Harsh Hoists effectively, offering up to a fivefold increase in dumping speed compared to conventional electro-hydraulic pumps. It also cuts down on installation time and costs, eliminating the requirement for a PTO. This unit is designed for hoist models RL-E50 through RL-H80.

Click here to download a brochure of our double electric pump.

Want to learn more? Ask us about the Harsh Hoist Double Electric Pump (Part # 104513) at (970) 454-2291.
Harsh Hoist Electric Shift Unit
Harsh also offers a double-acting electric shift unit, compatible with PTO mounted pumps and featuring a 27-quart reservoir. This unit is specifically designed for use with hoist models ranging from RL-D40 to RL-H80.

Want to learn more? Ask us about the Harsh Hoist Electric Shift Unit (Part # 104574) at (970) 454-2291.

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