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Join Our Dynamic Team in Production, Manufacturing, and Distribution
At Harsh International, located in the welcoming community of Eaton, Colorado, we're on a mission to find extraordinary talents to enhance our dynamic team in production, manufacturing, and distribution. If you're passionate about contributing to a challenging yet deeply values-driven environment, explore the diverse opportunities we offer.

In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, we pride ourselves on leading with cutting-edge technology and efficient processes. Our quest is to find innovative problem-solvers, eager for continuous learning and growth, to help us consistently produce internationally recognized, world-class products.

We've transcended traditional manufacturing methods, embracing advanced robotics, CNC machining centers, lasers, and 3D technology. This fusion of modern tools and our team's unwavering skill and dedication allows us to excel globally. At Harsh, we value diverse experience levels, understanding the rapid advancements in manufacturing technology.

We provide extensive on-the-job training for those keen to delve into high-tech manufacturing. Joining our team means not only a deep sense of pride and accomplishment but also contributing to products celebrated around the world.

Seeking Experienced Professionals Across Various Disciplines
Your expertise matters at Harsh. We seek seasoned professionals to enrich our company in areas like engineering, operations, logistics, electronics, supply chain management, and key corporate functions such as finance, IT, and HR.

Our belief is that career growth stems from hard work and dedication. We're passionate about our people, our processes, and delivering top-tier products and services. Upholding our timeless values, we focus on building enduring customer relationships, fostering loyalty, and maintaining a standard of excellence.

Embark on a Career Journey with Harsh
Embark on a journey with Harsh International, where innovation, expertise, and impact are the cornerstones. Here, hard work and dedication are not just appreciated – they are the foundation of our excellence.

Ready to take the next step in your career? Join Harsh, and be part of a legacy that shapes the future through outstanding products and services.

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