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Harsh Synergetics (previously Synergetics International) is the name synonymous with cutting-edge environmental data collection antennas. With an impressive track record spanning over 23 years in designing and deploying high-precision, real-time data collection systems, we've solidified our position as an undisputed global leader in the dynamic field of environmental monitoring.

At the core of our expertise lies a range of antennas that offer unmatched flexibility, capable of seamless configuration to serve a multitude of monitoring and control applications.

So, what's the heart of our business? It's the meticulous engineering and manufacturing of antennas tailored precisely for real-time data collection, telemetry, control, and predictive analytics. Our applications cover a vast landscape, from the intricacies of water resources management to the intricacies of wastewater monitoring, the intricacies of meteorological forecasting, the intricacies of geomagnetic field monitoring, and the intricacies of flood warning systems.

What makes our antennas stand out is the uncompromising quality we embed in every component. Our components are chosen with utmost precision, boasting the lowest tolerance levels. These antennas aren't just built; they're masterpieces of engineering, subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee faultless performance in the most extreme conditions and temperature ranges. When it comes to reliability, Harsh Antennas stand as the epitome of perfection.

Our esteemed clientele includes esteemed organizations such as the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and their National Data Buoy Center, Environment Canada, the USGS (United States Geological Survey), AXYS Environmental Systems, and even OTT Hydromet in Germany. These esteemed clients recognize that in the realm of environmental data collection, precision and accuracy are non-negotiable.

When you require nothing short of technological excellence in your environmental data collection endeavors, Harsh International is your unwavering partner. We're here to provide you with the sophisticated tools required to monitor and safeguard our natural world, with a focus on precision, reliability, and technical innovation that sets us apart from the rest.


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