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With over two decades of experience, Harsh Synergetics (previously Synergetics International) develops antennas to support high-precision, real-time environmental data collection technology. Our expertise has created a versatile suite of antennas designed to meet the diverse needs of various environmental monitoring and control applications.

We take pride in the meticulous construction and quality of our antennas. Each model, like the Model 18B Crossed Yagi Antenna with its high gain and durability, is built to perform reliably in harsh environments. The Model 15A Full-Wave Quadrafilar Helix Antenna offers exceptional omnidirectional coverage, while the Model 14A-N and 14A-TNC Half-Wave Quadrafilar Helix Antennas provide hemispherical coverage suitable for mobile applications.

Our focus is on delivering reliable and precise solutions. We implement accurately tested, high-quality components to ensure our antennas function consistently across various applications, from water resource management to meteorology.

Organizations like NOAA, Environment Canada, and OTT Hydromet trust our expertise. They recognize our commitment to precision and technological advancement in environmental monitoring.

At Harsh Synergetics, we consider ourselves more than just an antenna manufacturer. We are a partner in environmental protection, offering reliable tools to our customers.


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