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In the heart of Eaton, Colorado, a remarkable story of evolution unfolds - the transformation of Harsh International, Inc. This journey isn't just about progress; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation and unwavering dedication, steered by the visionary leadership of American veteran, Andy.

A Legacy Takes Flight
Rooted in the ambitions of its founder, Bud, Harsh International, Inc. embarked on a quest for excellence. Bud's initial strides paved the way for an extraordinary legacy, serving as the spark for accelerated growth, propelled by the harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology, unyielding dedication, and American ingenuity.

Andy: The Catalyst for Change
Enter Andy, a former Marine, entrepreneur, and engineer, whose indomitable spirit breathed new life into Harsh. Andy's leadership wasn't just a passing torch; it was a blazing trail of transformation. Under his guidance, Harsh reached new heights, embracing a level of automation that not only enhanced product designs but also fortified the very core of the business.

A Symphony of Progress
The crescendo of Andy's influence reverberated throughout Harsh, as the company experienced exponential growth. The workforce doubled in size, and the company's expansion tripled in the blink of an eye. At the remarkable age of 82, twenty-eight years into his journey with Harsh, Andy's enthusiasm remained as effervescent as it was on his very first day.

A Commitment to Excellence
Andy's modus operandi was clear: "Only that which is profitable is sustainable." This philosophy underscored not only the prosperity of Harsh but also that of its valued vendors. The products emerging from Harsh weren't just tools; they were strategic assets that empowered our customers to achieve greater profitability.

A Continuing Legacy
Though Andy passed several years ago, his vision lives on. His children have taken up the mantle, ensuring that Harsh continues to flourish just as Andy wished. They carry forward his commitment to excellence, innovation, and profitability.

Join Our Journey
We extend a heartfelt invitation to experience Harsh. firsthand. Here, you will find a closely-knit team passionately dedicated to excellence. We believe in the joy of the journey, the thrill of innovation, and the promise of "Profit In Motion."

Harsh stands as a beacon of American entrepreneurial spirit, resilience, and progress. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey, where every day brings new opportunities to excel, innovate, and shape a future defined by prosperity and profit in motion, just as Andy envisioned.

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