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In the town of Eaton, Colorado, Harsh International, Inc. stands as a testament to relentless transformation, innovation, and dedication. This story isn't merely about progress but a reflection of our core values: attitude, performance, and integrity. Guided by the visionary leadership of American veteran Andy, we embody the spirit of determination that defines true grit.

Founded by Bud Harsh In 1948, our story began as Hydraulics Unlimited Mfg. Co., a name that's still illustrated on our headquarters today. It was Bud's ambitious drive that laid the foundation of our journey towards excellence. He envisioned a company that stood at the forefront of growth, leveraging advanced technology, steadfast dedication, and the inventive spirit of America. This vision was not only preserved but magnified when Andy Brown stepped into the picture. As a former Marine, entrepreneur, and engineer, Andy's leadership didn't just lead to growth; it led to a revolution within our industry. Through his guidance, we embraced automation in a way that propelled our product designs forward and reinforced our company's foundation.

Andy’s influence sparked a surge in growth, doubling our workforce and tripling our expansion in record time. His philosophy was simple yet profound: "Only that which is profitable is sustainable." This principle guided not just our prosperity but also that of our partners, turning our products into strategic assets that drive profitability.

Though Andy has since passed, his legacy of attitude, performance, and integrity lives on. His children continue to drive Harsh forward, honoring his dedication to innovation and profitability.

We invite you to join us at Harsh, where our commitment to these values shapes everything we do. Here, you’re not just witnessing a business in motion; you’re part of a team dedicated to making a difference. Harsh stands as a beacon of the American entrepreneurial spirit, a place where every day is an opportunity to excel, innovate, and embody the values Andy lived by.

Join us in this remarkable journey, where attitude, performance, and integrity aren’t just words; they're the pillars of our success and the future we’re building, just as Andy envisioned.

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Chief Executive Officer / President
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Chief Technology Officer
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