Harsh Grinders & Flakers

The exceptional quality inherent in every Harsh/Denver Roller Grinder & Flaker stems from two key factors. Firstly, it results from meticulously designed features shaped by extensive industry expertise. Secondly, it is a product of a manufacturing process that adheres to the latest industry standards, encompassing Computer-Aided Design and Solid Modeling. These engineered attributes comprise several elements, including floor-mounted belt guards engineered for vibration reduction, a streamlined hyperbolic feed path originating from the cooker, journal bearings meticulously finished to a 30-micron precision, and control placements thoughtfully crafted with the operator's convenience in mind.

Incorporating Harsh/Denver Roller Grinders & Flakers into your operations yields numerous advantages, including minimal maintenance requirements, low operating costs, an exceptionally extended service life, and impressive capacity capabilities. This collectively renders the initial investment highly worthwhile.


Outstanding Features of All Denver Flakers

Standard Equipment
* Centrifugal Cast, Dual Metal Rolls 19 1/2 in diameter
* 5 3/4" Stepped Journal ground to 30 micron finish
* Extra Heavy Duty Frame indestructible 5/8" Steel
* 3 1/2" Solid Steel Bearing Arms* Sandwich type bearing assembly
* Eccentric cams for perfect tramming
* Two (2) handle Positive Roll Adjustment
* Positive action Feeder Roll Gate (Stainless Steel)
* Stainless Steel Hopper Section
* Roll out Tail Extension Arms

Service Features
*Easy Roll Removal
Remove Rolls for corrugation, Replace Rolls, adjust for perfect alignment. Total change out time 2 1/2 hours.
Bearings stay on rolls, no need to pull bearings even for re-corrugating.
The Denver Flaker and the Denver Cooker remain in a fixed position when changing rolls. Absolutely the fastest and easiest roll change of any flaker ever built.

Engineered Features
* All controls located in front of machine
* Perfect bearing fit Journals ground to size
* Hyperbolic Feed Transition form cooker (Stainless Steel)
* Floor Mount Belt Guards, Vibration Free
* Designed for use with larger motors for increased capacities of 25% and more
* Hydraulic Roll Closure Hydromechanical Double Safety (Optional)
* Variable Speed Peg type Feeder Roll (Optional)

The Denver Flaker uses a larger diameter roll. With larger rolls, the capacity of a flaker is increased, due to the mechanical advantage of the better knip angle. However, capacity is affected by proper cooking, retention time, moisture content, quality of grain, horsepower of motor, roll corrugation, and quality for flake.