Constant improvement, for further economy and low maintenance, results in more efficiency for you. Things change - feed requirements, specifications, etc., but other things are so well en- gineered they do the job for decades. We improve where needed and leave alone what has been proven over time.


Harsh has been the mixer all other mixers were measured by for decades. Now HARSH’S ALL NEW EZ-MIX SYSTEM has set the bar a little higher. We have put 65 years of mixer knowledge together with a very dedicated team of professionals and came up with the first mixer that doesn’t have a favorite ration, and the best part is we did not have to reinvent the mixer to do it. Our new EZ-MIX SYSTEM is the gentlest mixer available today for steam flaked grain rations, in addition to the best mixer for high percentage wet distillers grain rations, even total roughage rations are not a problem. The NEW EZ-MIX SYSTEM can handle anything from the high WDG rations, to flake rations, to high roughage rations with ease. With the changing rations of today’s cattle feeding industry, we felt the pressure to have a totally rounded mixer that can perform with wide variety of feed stuff’s used in todays cattle feeding programs. Finally, a mixer that does all that and requires less torque. Yes, we have a system that mixes better with less power input. That means fuel savings and less wear. Who says you can’t have it all?

Please don’t take our word for it, pick up the phone and call your local HARSH dealer today and check out the new EZ-MIX for yourself. We can’t wait to set up a demo at your yard. Don’t wait, CALL TODAY 800-227-1702.

We have one waiting for your toughest loads, and your gentlest loads.


he Harsh design team has been working non-stop to make an industry standard even better. Our New & Improved Auger discharge is proof of that. Once again we have listened to our industry and designed a maintenance friendly discharge to compliment a time proven mixer design.

LONGER LASTING and LESS MAINTENANCE means more time feeding and less time repairing.

  • REMOVABLE AUGERS no tools required
  • BOLT-IN-LINERS Quick & easy replacement
  • UHMW INNER BEARINGS greaseless & decay resistant
  • ENCLOSED DRIVE BOX easily accessable, yet still keeping the elements out


Harsh has also introduced an ALL NEW chain conveyor, designed primarily for higher roughage rations, as well as varying bunk heights. The Harsh team has integrated the use of UHMW floor material and a bottom clean-out-door to keep the chain from freezing in cold conditions. These design improvements offer substantial longevity over traditional conveyor systems. An optional hydraulic lift is offered for the producer feeding in tire bunks, or in muddy conditions where bunk heights can change from day to day.

Call your Harsh dealer today to set up a demo and see for yourself what the NEW HARSH can do for your operation
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